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Drew Sinclair creates an oasis in the often, unexplored psychic desert between childhood and adulthood. A place he constructs, first with a pencil, before deciding whether its walls will be built with stone, chipboard, or canvas; whether it will be painted, bare or brought to life through intricate shading. "In my private space, I can whisper, shout … create anything that I want to be real."


Here, there is no artifice or fear. His inner child is free to see the world clearly, simply. He uses unusual materials, experiments with multiple styles, sculpture, painting, portraiture, puppets, masks - creating while discovering. 


He knows technique. Graduated with a fine arts honors degree from Hertfordshire University, has only ever been an artist. But here, technique falls away. "I know a piece is done, when my eyes, heart, mind and spirit are all happy."


Turning outwards only when finished, the recognition he looks for, mirrors the process. That his audience purchases his art and takes it home is the practical thing. But Sinclair is satisfied by the looks on their faces. "I am filled with peace and accomplishment," he acknowledges, "when I see them smile, as their eyes just get bigger and bigger."


  • Life Forms @ Espacio Gallery Brick Lane. July 2013

  • A Room Of Ones Own @ Espacio Gallery Brick Lane. March 2013

  • To Be Conceived, @ the old Police Station, New cross. March 2013

  • 14 new artists, A leap of Faith @ Espacio Gallery Brick Lane. Feb 2013

  • I ART PECKHAM SHOPS @ Mothercare Aylesham Centre, Rye Lane, Dec 2012

  • Lee Green Open Studios @ 73 Murillo Road Lewisham, Rhubarb and custard Café, You don’t send me Flowers Café and With Jam and Bread Cafe. Lee Green Nov 2012

  • Consciously Harmoniously @ Limelight Gallery, Lewisham Oct 2012

  • More than XY@ Bernie Grant Arts Centre and The Darnley Gallery, London, E9 6QH, 2012

  • Chipboard Portraits @ Deli X, Deptford high st March 2012

  • Thenublack @ the Original Gallery in Hornsey Library October2011

  • Chipboard @ Limelight Gallery, Lewisham May 2011

  • Drawn Together group exhibition @ Jeannie Avant, East Dulwich March 2011

  • Light and Dark @ Fuse bar, Lewisham 2008

  • Paintings @ Red Gate Gallery, Brixton 2006

  • The Queens @Naturally Yours, Croydon, 2006

  • Colour full @ Mash Potato Gallery, Deptford 2006



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